I’m a chat-a-hollic.

ok, I don’t know if I’m the only one here who chats like ALL the time. If you haven’t figured out yet, I love to chat! anytime or anywhere!  I used to use like msn messenger or aim, sometimes yahoo depending whos on, but then i always would get SOOO annoyed at having to sign in. Even saying, omg…so and so is on, i don’t want to talk to them. ahh. Anyways my point is, I have this account at Yippykya.com. I am also a YIPPY-HOLIC. If you have never heard of Yippy it’s kinda like myspace, but everyone at Yippy is like a GIANT family. Anyways they have this crazy new feature that I’m totally obsessed with. Yippy Chat and Yippy Live Broadcast. And they are sooo freakin easy to use! No signing in to deal with and you invite the people you WANT to talk to. Not that annoying perve from Chemistry that has been trying to hunt you down! gross. If you saw him trust me you would run too!! Anyways, just wanted to tell everyone about the greatest website that I’ve found in a long time! Do me a fav and atleast check it out. Heres the link. Just click! http://www.yippykya.com. Soon you will be a YIPPY-HOLIC too!!


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